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Bravo Adventure (PT. Bramanta Wana Parahita) is part of a business group which has created and developed a successful integrated adventure service since 1995. The company’s philosophy is to balance 3P; People, Profit and Planet. Bravo Adventure is created to fulfill the wants of those who want to do an adventure without leaving their comfort zone. In an area with a remarkable view, Bravo Camp will pamper guests with lots of adventurous activities as well as providing outdoor experiential training programs. The company has attractive concepts and business strategies to produce the best Corporate Share Benefit for local communities and is well placed to develop them to become entrepreneurs. 


Bravo Adventure upholds the interest of stakeholders as the main priority in its business activities. 


Bravo Adventure creates business profits so that the company can continue to grow. 


Bravo Adventure supports sustainable natural resources by using them wisely and minimizing waste by 3R.



The best and sustainable adventure resort and travel company which: 

- gives the best international standard services

- gives benefits and empowers stakeholders and local communities

- preserves natural environment 


Encourage people to go beyond boundaries 

- Be Adventurous

- Responsible

- Accountable

- Victorious 

- Open Minded

Bravo Team


Amalia Yunita

Based on her experience of travelling, doing and organizing adventure activities in the most spectacular places in Indonesia and around the world, she has built and successfully managed adventure service tourism businesses for more than two decades and has many achievements to her name. Her passion for nature and adventure activities also led her involvement in the organization of activities including International Rafting Federation, Indonesia Rafting Federation, Global Rescue Network, Female Trekkers for Lupus and many others. She is also a member of the team for developing adventure tourism in the Ministry of Tourism.


Aceng Supendi

Aceng is an instructor and rafting guide who is internationally certified by the International Rafting Federation. He is a professional who has been working for 20 years in the world of rafting and other adventure activities. As a former rafting athlete, he is also the coach for Indonesia’s men and women youth team who won the gold medal at the 2015 World Rafting Championship.


Alde S. Aris M. Ali H. Ahmad S.

Our river guides, raised the red and white flag at the 2015 World Rafting Championship when they won the gold medal. With their outstanding achievement, they have become the world ranked rafting athletes.


Our Locations


    Kp. Bantarselang

    Kecamatan Cikidang

    Sungai Citarik

    Sukabumi, Jawa Barat.


    Wisma 31

    3rd Floor Jl. Kemang Raya No. 31

    Jakarta Selatan


    Email :

    Hotline : +62812 8020 8020

    Telephone : +6221 718 2250

    Fax : +6221 718 2256